Women Empowerment


Thalirgal, a self-help group,  consisting of 180 widows from 15 villages, mostly dalit women enjoy the patronage of Dalit Solidarity for more than decade. Our focus is to provide them with opportunities and training that would support their livelihood. By inspiring widows to live with pride and purpose, we hope to slowly change the social mentality which banishes them to empty, lonely lives.  The widows operate the self-help groups and discuss their activities on every monthly. We give them small educational and business loans to improve their living standard. Some of them run their own business  like grocery story, food stall, Jewelry and clothes.  Dalit Solidarity has constructed approximately 70 homes for widows and the poor families living in the Villupuram Dt. over the course of the past  19  years.

Dalit Solidarity serves as a lifeline to those living at the fringes of society, encouraging and developing them.  We are actively serving a population often forgotten and oppressed. Widows have been neglected and marginalized for centuries and even today in our Indian society. They are deprived of equal opportunity and human rights. We have been serving them pride and joy for the last 18 years and promoted their wellbeing and development. We facilitated microfinance loans through banks and creditors and distributed the funds among them. With your generosity and kindness, we have helped them to purchase cows and goats and become the breadwinners.

Milk Cow Project

Dairy Cow Project will provide the means for Sprouts’ members to greatly improve their standard of living for themselves and their families. A single dairy cow can provide a Sprouts widow and her children with a 400% increase in their family income. Some milk will be saved for family consumption. The remaining milk will be sold to provide income for the widow and her family. They will be able to afford better food, necessary health care, and needed home improvements. The dream of providing their children with an education can become a reality. In addition, this program will serve as the cornerstone in our effort to enable Indian widows to demonstrate that they are not a risk to the order of society because they have no husbands, but rather are productive individuals deserving of dignity and respect.

Homebuilding Project

When a widow moves from a hut into a home she gets not just a better house, but much needed dignity and respect. Dalit Solidarity has constructed approximately 70 homes for widows and the poor families living in the Villupuram Dt. over the course of the past  15 years. Most widows do not own their own homes and must rely on family members to provide them with living space. Accommodations are frequently inadequate. Relatives often do not have adequate space or income to support additional family members.