Where we work

Dalit Solidarity works for the empowerment of Dalits through whatever means available. We use social media to reach out all and highlight them on the plight of Dalits in the modern India. We tirelessly advocate for their rights and lobbying for their cause. We also have some concrete measures to support the education of children, vocational training for the school dropouts and social & developmental projects for widows and the marginalised. We work in the States of Tamil Nadu, Andrapradesh, Odisha and Uttrapradesh. 

The majority of our works is in the Villupuram District  of Tamil Nadu. We run St. Patrick’s Academy, an affordable and cost effective matriculation school for more than 750 children who are from 30 nearby villages.  Our vocational training is offered through St. Patrick’s Community College along with the Open University of Madras for 30 students in nursing and lab-tech at Odiyathur.  We also support health care initiatives to provide basic health care to rural communities. For more than 15 years, we operate village based clinics that provide emergency care in and around Odiayatur.  We support health care programs in Pullambadi and  Vandavasi.

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