What we doOur work is about access, opportunity and empowerment.

For the past seven years, Dalit Solidarity has worked steadily to provide India’s Dalits with the tools they need to make better lives for themselves and their families. Thousands of Dalits now have access to quality health care. Hundreds of children are being given the opportunity to attend good schools, from elementary through graduate school. Several hundred Dalit widows are learning that they too can be productive members of Indian society, deserving of dignity and respect. We advocate tirelessly on behalf of India’s Dalits, addressing the issues of caste and untouchability, and standing strong for one of the world’s most oppressed populations.



Access to Quality Health Care

Dalit Solidarity provides quality health care for over 1500 patients each month. We also operate a First Responder Program to provide first aid in the villages. Our Village Health Program (“VHP”) provides community health care for over 36 villages in the Villupuram District.

Opportunities for Quality Education

Most of the adults in our villages have no more than a sixth grade education. We are working hard to ensure that all Dalit children finish high school, and have the opportunity for further studies.

Economic Development

Dalit Solidarity strives to empower the poorest members of Indian society, particularly the women and especially the widows, by providing them with new economic opportunities.


During the past year, we reached the following milestones:

  • We are now educating over 300 students each year in elementary school, high school, college and graduate school.
  • Our medical facilities treat over 1500 patients each month, and we opened three new satellite clinics.
  • 70% of our community college graduates found employment within six months after graduation.
  • We have trained over 150 volunteers to act as First Responders and provide first aid in their villages.
  • We have built over 50 homes for tsunami victims and widows.


New Initiatives

In addition to these achievements, we have begun several exciting new initiatives in the past year.

  • Dalit Leadership Academy - We are now providing a year of intensive training in academics, communications and leadership skills to help students succeed in secondary school.
  • CHP – A community health care program that provides comprehensive health care for the rural villages of the Villupuram District. The program emphasizes preventative health care and utilizes a new software program that provides patients with a probable diagnosis and recommended treatment. Over 13,000 villagers have been registered for the program.
  • Sprouts – A new program designed to improve the lives of Indian widows. Over 200 widows joined the program within the first year.