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Dalit Solidarity gives volunteering opportunities to have field experience, travel exposure, teaching and clinical experience. Both short and long-term volunteering and internship opportunities are possible with us to get the best out of your experience. Dalit Solidarity  provides a great opportunity to experience Dalit Reality and to live with the Dalits to know them better. We have 20 years of experience of providing this cultural learning to many people from the western countries. We have a great team in India to guide you in every way to make your travel very safe and productive.

When you volunteer with us, you help to fight injustice and discrimination that has impoverished millions of people designated by birth as untouchable. You give us the means to help some of the most oppressed people on earth. Join with us to march with the Outcaste and the marginalized toward their emancipation and empowerment. If you need more info about volunteering, please contact us admin@dalitsolidarity.org or call us at +1-708-612-4248

US volunteers, Baylor University, Texas, january 2020

Dalit Solidarity is  very grateful for three premed students, Claudio Ordonez, Tommy Tu and Jon Patel from Baylor University and one more, Vikram Patel who volunteered to come St. Mary’s Health Center, Odiayathur and St. Patrick’s Academy for a ten-days trip. They wanted to have an exposure of our Indian Health System, culture and history. Leenus Thiag, a staff-nurse from North Carolina supported their initiative with all logistics and program. 

The volunteers were very much taken up by the exceptional welcoming celebration given by the clinic staff in the middle of the night when they arrived. It was such a unique experience to have a group of people who hardly know them be so welcoming and loving to their home. Both our clinic and school staff have done amazing job with the volunteers in helping them out in conducting medical camps in five villages and in visiting two schools. Jon Patel, the leader of the team said that this trip is something that each one of them will carry for the rest of their lives. Seeing patients with a variety of diseases and malnutrition re-opened their understanding of how privileged they are today. The medical camps gave them an understanding of the living conditions of the rural communities. Although many lived in poverty, they are very happy families with cheers and smiles. They learnt so much about the Indian healthcare systems and operations, even having firsthand experience in an orthopedic operating room. Visit to the leprosy clinic was something that they team would never forget. It was very touching and emotional moment for them. Their visit to our school children was something that they will cherish forever. This was the most rewarding experience as they felt. Arriving at St. Patrick’s Academy was truly magical for them. They were welcomed by kids in green uniforms with their smiling faces. 

Besides visit to the hospital and schools, the volunteers also visited cultural and historical sites in both Tamilnadu and Pondicherry.  Overall, the entire trip was with something unique, life-changing and learning experience for which the volunteers expressed deep appreciation to our Indian staff. Thanks a lot for the volunteers! Read their testimonials below.

Visit To St.Patrick's Academy, v.salai

Medical Camps for Rural Communities

Visit to St.Mary's Health Centre, odaiyathur

Visit to Leprosy Clinic, pullampadi

Visiting The rural villages

Volunteer's Review!

I felt most humbled were the experiences at the medical camps. Seeing patients with a variety of diseases and malnutrition re-opened my understanding of how privileged I am to be in the position I am today, and how I have to work extremely hard to help others succeed and have long healthy lives. Read More…


Vikram Patel

US Volunteer

Upon arriving to St. Mary’s Clinic we were abruptly woken up to a horn and fireworks. Disoriented and confused, we were rushed out the bus. It was such a unique experience to have a group of people who hardly know us be so welcoming and loving to their home. Read More…


Tommy Tu

US Volunteer

I would like to thank the Dalit Solidarity organization for giving me the opportunity to be able to experience this heartwarming culture that we were greeted with. This trip has taught me to be grateful to the amount of things that we have at our disposal back in the United States. The thought and organization of the welcoming was an experience that I will forever take with me. From the music, to the sparklers, to the dancing; everyone had smiles and excitement on their faces. Read More..


Claudio Ordonez

US Volunteer

One of the most jaw dropping celebrations I have seen once again was the welcoming at St. Patrick’s. We could not believe it. The entire school gave us a welcome. I am going to be honest, my happiness peaked when I was at that school. Students filled with joy and immense potential. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the warmest, loving community I have ever seen. This welcoming celebration is something that each one of us will carry with us for the rest of our lives. Read More…


Jon Patel

US Volunteer
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