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Uniting for Ukraine

Dalit Solidarity, a nonprofit and a tax-exempt charity is looking for Sponsorship of the Ukrainian Families who are refugees now in their own homeland and in Europe under President Joe Biden New Program “Uniting for Ukraine” that allows them to travel to the United States for two years with work-permit.  Here below is the summary of the program:

On April 21, 2022, the United States announced a key step toward fulfilling President Biden’s commitment to welcome Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion. Uniting for Ukraine provides a pathway for Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members who are outside the United States to come to the United States and stay temporarily in a two-year period of parole. Ukrainians participating in Uniting for Ukraine must have a supporter in the United States who agrees to provide them with financial support for the duration of their stay in the United States.

The first step in the Uniting for Ukraine process is for the U.S.-based supporter to file a Form I-134, Declaration of Financial Support, with USCIS. The U.S. government will then vet the supporter to ensure that they are able to financially support the individual whom they agree to support.  For More info:  Uniting for Ukraine | Homeland Security (

Eligibility for Uniting for Ukraine

The Ukrainian citizen (or their non-Ukrainian immediate family member) who is outside the United States and who may be considered for parole under Uniting for Ukraine.

Immediate family members in this process include:

  • the spouse or common-law partner of a Ukrainian citizen; and
  • their unmarried children under the age of 21. NOTE: If a child is under 18, they must be traveling with a parent or legal guardian in order to use this process.

Applying for Employment Authorization

After you (the beneficiary) are paroled into the United States, you are eligible to apply for discretionary employment authorization from USCIS. To apply for discretionary employment authorization, you must submit Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, using the (c)(11) category code with the required fee or apply for a fee waiver.

Contact dalit solidarity for more details

If American citizen or charity would like to offer a sponsorship for one or two families in the Ukraine, please contact us or call us at +1-708-612-4248 If any family from the Ukraine needs sponsorship,  you can also contact us. 

Content Courtesy: US Department of Homeland Security You can also watch the announcement at (513) Unite for Ukraine – YouTube