Mr. John Laughlin and Tom Riordan, Co-founders

We deeply remember and thank Mr. John Laughlin and Tom Riordan, the co-founders of Dalit Solidarity in 2000 at Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Both of them had a great passion for the empowerment of the Dalits.

Mr. Thomas A. Reynolds, Jr & Suzanne reynolds

We also thank our well-wishers for their generosity and support for Dalit Solidarity. Mr. Thomas A. Reynolds and his wife Suzy from Chicago supported us until his death in 2008 and 2014.

Mr. Robert Charlton

We gratefully remember Mr. Robert Charlton from Camp Hill, PA. He died in 2017.

Mr. Robert Tate

We thank Mr. Robert Tate from Elgin, Illinois, died in 2017.

Ms. Melissa Steinke

We are also thankful to Melissa Steinke from Bettendorf, IA who died in 2015.

Mr. Isaac Arokiasamy

We gratefully remember Mr. Issac. He is the champion of Dalits and the Marginalized. He deserves the credit for bringing many families to the United States of America. He died in 2007.

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