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Travel Cum Education is a service/learning program that provides volunteers with the opportunity to work with Dalit Solidarity's health care, educational and economic development programs. Participants will experience a wide variety of service activities, educational opportunities and participatory events designed to promote cultural awareness and a better understanding of the discrimination faced by the Dalits in rural India.



Program Areas.

Volunteers can work in the following program areas:

  • Health Care – depending on qualifications and interest, volunteers can work in a variety of Dalit Solidarity health care programs including working at our health clinics, helping to train First Responders, and collecting health care data for our WACH program, a health care initiative that focuses on improving the health of women and children.

  • Education – volunteers can work with the students in our Dalit Leadership Academy, our Community College programs or in local village schools.

  • Sports – Dalit Solidarity conducts a variety of sports camps and athletic programs for Dalit youth. In January, 2008, volunteers will conduct a soccer camp for over 300 children. Students at the Dalit Leadership Academy will participate in the first Caroline Mary Memorial Learn-to-Swim Program.

  • Home Building – In the past two years, Dalit Solidarity has built over 50 homes for tsunami victims and needy widows. Volunteers can help with construction.

Through our Tour Program, Dalit Solidarity strives to develop sustainable income for the organization and the participating Dalit communities it serves, by sharing our culture, traditions, natural resources and vision with our visitors.


American Volunteer"The American volunteer...one of the best diplomats of this country."
David Caprara, Brookings Institute


Types of Volunteers. Dalit Solidarity works with a variety of volunteers: individuals; student groups from universities and high schools; and corporate groups. Most groups participate in short-term service experiences of approximately two weeks. We are happy to arrange a custom program to accommodate the needs and interests of your particular group.

Internships and long-term service. Internships and long-term service experiences are also available through the Service Adventours program.

Questions. Further requests for information about our Service Adventours program should be directed to: dalitsolidarity@gmail.com

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