St. Patrick's Academy, India

During Academic Year 2019,  we have an enrollment of 755 students from kindergarten to high school, from more than 38 villages. We have hired 63 staff to oversee the school and children. More than 70% of those enrolled are Dalits, and 100% of our students are the first generation in their families to attend English Medium (Matric) schools. A total of 75% of the families are daily laborers, who make less than $2 per day. As many as 80% of the parents are illiterate. Only through your sacrifice and generosity, are kids in these impoverished households entering classrooms, instead of earning their daily keep in fields or fireworks factories. St. Patrick’s maintains a strong record of success and excellence in providing cost-effective, quality education to children who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

We offer a unique and innovative approach to delivering education to underserved students, featuring highly competent and well-trained faculty, and aesthetically designed, spacious classrooms that encourage creativity and active engagement. We also offer opportunities to incorporate surrounding nature into study, and individualized attention and learning strategies customized for each student. A strong focus on English language fluency and spoken English is given, as well as reading and writing skills, computer, multimedia, video and audio learning. Activities and services are also provided to reduce barriers to school attendance. Transportation is given to students across the rural villages represented in the student body. Monthly meetings with parents regarding their child’s progress, allow teachers to work with parents to support and encourage students’ educational achievement. This also allows teachers to share ongoing learning opportunities that benefit parents, themselves, in areas like literacy and public health. Rewarding extracurricular activities, including sports, Junior Scouts, performing arts, etc., are offered to boys and girls, and serve to deepen their commitment to their education. 

The quality, affordability and cost effectiveness of our programs attract many poor families to give a decent education for their children. We keep our doors open to any child regardless of their ability to pay or not. The hygienic environment at our campus is an excellent path to obtain a fine education. We envision closing the gap between rich and poor, and building a nation where everyone can live in security and dignity.  We are the first — and only — affordable secondary level matriculation school serving many rural villages with a high-quality education. Our children come from poor families where the parents make less than a few dollars on daily basis. The parents do not have enough background and knowledge to guide their children towards a good future.

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