Leprosy Hospital

Although leprosy has been routed out in most parts of India, still we have  people who suffer from leprosy and other skin diseases. Under the patronage of a donor, Dalit Solidarity has been supporting the Sagayamatha Leprosy Hospital in providing rehabilitation for 40 leprosy patients at Pullambadi. The hospital was started in 1962  to provide comprehensive care for the needy leprosy patients with deformities. Although they are under treatment and care, they suffer  from social stigma and isolation.

Equipment for the Operation Theatre

A rural hospital run by the C.S.I Medical and Leprosy Center in Vandavasi, established in the year 1933 received a grant from Dalit Solidarity at the support of a donor to provide the hospital with medical and surgical equipment for an operation theatre. The facility  attends to an average of 50 patients daily treating respiratory infections, gastro enteritis, skin condition diabetes, Dental disorder, Antenatal & Postnatal and other illness that are common opportunistic infections in the community. Many poor people will benefit of the cost effective and affordable surgeries.