Literacy Project

Mission Outreach, Making a real difference that lasts

Dalit Solidarity has always reached out to those living at the fringes of society, to encourage and help educate them. We have built a tuition center for children who are traditionally forced to take up the family job of washing the dirty clothes in villages. They are known as “Dhobies” in India. They are Dalits among Dalits, segregated and isolated. These children have less opportunities to attend school as they are forced by parents to pick up their traditional job. I have felt special concern for them over the years, directing Dalit Solidarity to support their education and well being. Last year, generous friends helped us build a tuition center where the children come and stay during weekends, also receiving free meals.

Tuition Center

Dalit Solidarity has a Mission Outreach  for the children of human laundries who are known as Dhobies, people who are dalits among dalits, who are traditionally delegated to wash the dirty clothes of others in a village. For centuries, they have been abused, exploited and humiliated as cheap human machines to do people’s laundry with little compensation of leftover food and grains. They never had a life of dignity and respect. Some of them have lost the functioning of their limbs as they were ironing clothes throughout their lives. Their children had no opportunities to attend the schools as they were forced to follow up their parents’ job. The dhobies in general were driven very badly by their karma and destiny. Education is the key to bring  these children back to the  main stream of the society. Dalit Solidarity has helped them with a tuition center where these children would come and have special classes on English and Maths. Currently we have 130 children from twenty villages. I consider that this outreach is something beautiful for God. 

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