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$ 99000
$ 56000
# of families supported
4200 +
# of villages covered
50 +

An Appeal For COVID-19 Relief From Father Ben, Executive Director

I send you greetings of love and peace, and hope that you and your family are doing well during this unprecedented pandemic. Like most of you, I am heartbroken at the heavy death tolls in the US, India and elsewhere, and strive to maintain a positive attitude during this difficult time. Currently, all of India is on lockdown. This pandemic is already being felt most among the vulnerable communities of Indian society, the very people Dalit Solidarity exists to serve. 

As I see videos and pictures of people carrying their little ones on their backs, walking hundreds of miles to return to their villages after fleeing unsafe conditions, it breaks my heart. Our team is mobilizing community health workers and teachers in remote areas. Dalit Solidarity is in all these places providing food, health, healing, and hope.

Dalit Solidarity swung into action from the very first day of Lockdown in the month of March 2020, as marginalized groups, like the Dalits and the unemployed, have faced challenges from both the virus and Lockdown.  Migrants from poor, rural areas have been hardest hit in India, as well as impoverished Dalits, tribal people, widows, gypsies, and daily coolies. No one can fathom the full proportion and magnitude of this pandemic. This has been the worst-ever migrant crisis seen in India, since the 1947 partition of our nation.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused devastation across the globe. Besides the tragic toll on human life, with countries shutting their borders and quarantines, economies have taken a huge hit. We have launched this campaign as an emergency response – to help provide a safety net to the migrant families. We aim to directly support them in providing the essentials for everyone till the virus abates and they are in employment again.

The whole world is suffering – and is trying to cope with huge losses. You can help us exponentially expand our ability to impact the people who are suffering greatly because of this world-wide pandemic.

I earnestly beg your kind help for the poor and underprivileged people who are suffering so deeply at this time. You and I have a precious opportunity to reach out a helping hand, that will literally save lives and instill new hope in thousands of humble people. Please join us in sending a refreshing wave of prayers, love and support.

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Statistical information of the people and places where the materials were distributed

A total of 61 villages from various districts in India were distributed with COVID-19 Relief Materials worth $50,000 which helped around 4,303 families to get their basic essentials and rations.

Locations of COVID-19 Relief Work in india

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