A single dairy cow can provide a Sprouts widow and her children with a 400% increase in their family income.


Woman with Dairy Cow

  • Provide widows with loan to purchase a dairy cow. Some milk will be saved for family consumption. The remaining milk will be sold to provide income for the widow and her family.
  • Provide each widow with the training needed to properly care for her dairy cow, including instruction in grazing, watering, milking and basic veterinary care.
  • To enroll each widow in a loan repayment program, so that she can be free of debt within 18 months.
  • To have a repayment rate in excess of 95%, that will generate funds for additional loans to other widows.
  • To enroll each widow in a savings program and provide her with financial counseling.


  • This program will enable our widows to substantially increase their families' standard of living. They will be able to afford better food, necessary health care, and needed home improvements. The dream of providing their children with an education can become a reality.
  • In addition, this program will serve as the cornerstone in our effort to enable Indian widows to demonstrate that they are not a risk to the order of society because they have no husbands, but rather are productive individuals deserving of dignity and respect.