Dalit WidowsOur development efforts have focused on India's most oppressed social group-Dalit widows.

Sprouts-Widows' Organization

Our Sprouts program was initiated to help the widows create a positive identity for themselves and to provide the necessary training and tools to help them improve their standard of living. Improvement in their economic status will give them the dignity and self respect they deserve.

Dalit widows are the most severely oppressed group in Indian society. In addition to caste discrimination, Dalit widows suffer added discrimination due to their gender and marital status. They are required to remain in perpetual mourning, observing strict codes of dress, behavior and diet. They are considered bad luck and are unwelcome at social functions. In short, society considers them to be a threat to the social order.


Dairy Cow Project

The income generated from the sale of milk from a single dairy cow provides a widow with an 85% increase in her annual income. Learn more about this program.>


Home Building Program

A decent home brings comfort, security and dignity to human life. During the past two years, Dalit Solidarity has built over 50 homes for tsunami victims and needy widows. Read more about this program.>