As we celebrate our 19th anniversary, we gratefully remember all those who walked with us during these ten years. We express our deep gratitutde to every one who marched with  us in our journey toward empowering the Dalits to live with dignity and respect in India. Without our friends and supporters, we could not have achieved so much in making great difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters who have been considered as impure and untouchables all their lives. Dalit Solidarity has touched many  in this short peried by turning their lives around.


We reached the following milestones:

Two of our students have become engineers, six of them have become nurses, more than twenty have got some jobs

We are now educating over 25 students each year in elementary school, high school, college and graduate school.

As result of our efforts, we could see tangible progress when our students have become health care professionals, School teachers.

Our medical facilities treat over 1500 patients each month, and we opened five new satellite clinics.

90% of our community college graduates found employment within six months after graduation.

We have trained over 150 volunteers to act as First Responders and provide first aid in their villages.

We have built over 80 homes for tsunami victims and widows.

We have formed 10 self-help widows' groups

We have organised the first ever conference for widows on International women's Day.

We have two successful milk-cooperative societies run by widows toward their empowerment.