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Our Child Sponsorship programme changes the lives many children every year. Our vision of creating a better world for our children works on the simple yet powerful principle that the best way to change the life of a needy child is to change the world in which he/she lives!  Our experience over the last 20 years has shown us that no amount of intervention in the life of a child can have lasting effects as long as the child's surroundings remain unchanged. Child Sponsorship therefore changes a child's life by changing the world to which he/she belongs.

A contribution of $30.00 per month therefore addresses issues that promote the overall development of the child. Sponsored children along with their community are helped through education, training and awareness.Child Sponsorship is therefore a long-term commitment, and its effects are sustainable and long lasting!

 As a sponsor, you get the satisfaction of being a very important part of this whole new world! You can keep in touch with your child through letters and personal visits and become a part of your child's world! Child sponsorship is therefore a long-term, meaningful relationship between you and a needy child!



I would like to sponsor a boy or a girl at St. Patrick's School 
Monthly ($30.00)                Annually  ($360.00)  

By sponsoring a Dalit child you are effectively giving him or her a life-changing opportunity - a future with real prospects away from poverty and oppression. Each child, at both Xavier and Kapepaladi school, is enrolled because their family circumstances are particularly needy. Financial sponsorship for these children is necessary as their families cannot afford to pay for their education. Each family is asked to contribute what they can afford, and this will vary year to year depending on the seasonal harvests. In this way parents retain their self-respect as they are doing all they can for their children.

 Even though Dalit parents contribute what they can afford, in reality their payments to the school are woefully small. However, they can, and do help 'in kind' wherever they can, by digging the foundations for building projects, and they do this work willingly.


Our sponsorship program is a wonderful way by which Dalit Solidarity promotes education among Dalit and marginalized children, giving them a chance to rise to their highest potential. Education provides a safety net for underprivileged kids, helping to save them from child labor situations and from dropping from school due to lack of funds. Our sponsorship program is unique – we go farther than providing tuition costs. We directly supervise our children and care for them at our school. We monitor their performance in classes day by day, evaluating how we can further enhance their education. Our sponsors follow their child’s progress. In this way, we build good relationships between the sponsor and the child.

Literacy  is a key for socio-economic progress. India today faces a unique crisis. While its economy grows and flourishes, millions of people are being left behind without access to the same standards of education and opportunity as the more fortunate. Today, over 75% of India’s population lives on less than $2 per day.  India has a growing number of billionaire and millionaire, the poor remains the same. Education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty permanently.

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I (we) would like to sponsor a child/a student in need with their education.


A child in most need Boy or Girl A college student Boy or Girl Donation


I (we) will make a sponsorship donation and choose the following payment schedule:( ) $ 30.00 – monthly  ( ) $180.00 – semi-annually
( )$360.00 – annually

I do not want to sponsor but would like to make One Time Donation $ ___________  for your charity activities.


(Optional) I would like to make this donation $_______  in Honor/Memory of ______________________________


Please Make your check payable to Dalit Solidarity and Mail to Post Box 112, Hines, Il 60141 or Pay by Credit/Debit Card for One time or Recurring Donation. You can also donate online at





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If you have question, please feel free to call at 708-612-4248 or Email to:

Please Mail your Donation/Sponsorship form to: Dalit Solidarity, Inc. Post Box 112, Hines, IL 60141.