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Uniting For Ukraine

Millions are left homeless and have become refugees in neighboring countries. The whole country is wiped out by the mighty Russian power. Families have been separated from their loved ones. Having lost their homes, properties and loved ones, no one can ever imagine their plight. During this difficult time, Dalit Solidarity would like to welcome and support some families

Urgent Humanitarian Help Needed! Save Human Lives!

Dear Friend,   
Welcome to Dalit Solidarity, a nonprofit & tax-exempt charity.  The whole world is painfully witnessing  the humanitarian disaster that is unfolding in the Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. Millions are left homeless and have become refugees in neighboring countries. The whole country is wiped out by the mighty Russian power. Families have been separated from their loved ones. Having lost their homes, properties and loved ones, no one can ever imagine their plight. During this difficult time, Dalit Solidarity would like to welcome and support some families through our president Joe Biden’s offer “Unite for Ukraine.”  Here is the announcement:

According to this program, American citizens or  charities can open their hearts through their generosity in accepting and sponsoring  Ukrainian families who are living as refugees in Europe.  Dalit Solidarity is willing to initiate your sponsorship through immigration lawyers completely free of charge both for you and for the Ukrainian families who seek both food and shelter. Under this special Visa, the Ukrainian families can travel to the United States and work here for two years.  YOU CAN CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

I am looking for individuals and organizations  who can give these refugees a little hope and a fresh start  through your kindness.  Your sponsorship can mean a lot to them. You can learn more about this program through the Homeland Security at Uniting for Ukraine | Homeland Security (  Please do consider in helping them. 

So, again, I want to thank the American people  for your support of the Ukrainian people.  This is our responsibility to hold the whole world together in this effort. So, thank you very much. 

Please support our programs through your tax-deductible donations.  Donate online at or by a check payable to Dalit Solidarity,  and mail to P.O. Box 178995, San Diego, CA 92177.  Together we can succeed in sharing the pain of our humanity.  Please contact us at or  at 708-612-4248  

Wondering why you should become a sponsor? Watch this 2min video. Sponsors ARE NOT REQUIRED to host anyone, to learn about the legal responsibilities of a sponsor, watch this video by immigration attorney James Root.

Dalit Lives Matter! Make Your Impact

Dalit lives do not matter to most in India even during this modern time. Rulers use them as vote bank to acquire power and authority. Illiteracy and poverty do not allow them to think beyond themselves. Society forces them to remain at the bottom as before. Even the dalits who climbed up the ladder, do not come forward to lift others. Therefore, the majority of the society ride on them without being challenged. Oppression, abuses and exploitation continue. Culprits are never brought to justice. Children and women are the most vulnerable. This is our modern-day holocaust. Their rights are not upheld.  Even advocates who stand by them are threatened or jailed. This is a painful reality which is getting worse day by day. This is the context in which we try to empower the powerless. Our vision of an Indian society where everyone must enjoy equal rights and all must be treated with dignity and respect has led us to the creation of Dalit Solidarity.

For almost two decades, we have been actively serving a population often forgotten and oppressed. They are Dalits, one sixth of the Indian population out of 1.3 billion. They are invisible and insignificant under the India’s hidden apartheid of discrimination.  While caste-based discrimination continues to grow and equality is just a dream, our continued work in the vital area of education, healthcare  and development have ignited peoples’ hope for a better future. Dalits have been the victims of social oppression, economic injustice and institutional violence for centuries. This is quite a long way but a good road map to succeed their empowerment and emancipation. 

More About Us

About Us

Dalit Solidarity, a non-profit charity was established as a 501(3)© Tax-Exempt organization with EIN 25-1865082 in 2000 in the US to promote equality and justice for Dalits who have been marginalised for centuries under caste oppression. We are incorporated as a charity in Pennsylvania and registered both in Illinois & California as charities. We are members both in San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and in BBB as an accredited charity. We have won a 2020 Top-Rated Award from @GreatNonprofits. We earned a GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency 2020. Dalit Solidarity has earned a/an 85/100 rating on Charity Navigator


Dalits have lost their rights to education, property ownership and protection. This led them to a life of abject poverty, absolute illiteracy and total powerlessness. They are treated less than human.
This is where we come to give them hope and create an awareness of their plight and rights. We have come up with some concrete measures to provide them with the tools they need to make better lives for themselves and their families. Today, many Dalits have access to affordable education, quality health care and opportunities for development.


Creating an awareness of one's plight and lobbying for fundamental rights is critical in the process of empowerment. Coordinating both national and international agencies through highlighting the injustice and oppression that the Dalits have been enduring for centuries. Although untouchability is banned, its practice is very active. Caste prejudice and radicalization is becoming stronger day by day as the fundamentalists have taken control of the situation. We are all the more obligated to work for for the empowerment of dalits who lack power and strength.

Everyone can help change the world

Care For
A Child

to improve lifestyle of underprivileged society

Making an Impact for Dalits

120,000+ Dalit Children

(65% girls from the marginalised communities) were directly and indirectly reached.

Educate A Child

9600+ Students

graduated from various schools and colleges benefited from our educational sponsorship program.

Sponsor A Child

65+ Villages

have children benefited from our education program in and around Villupuram District.

Donate Now

1500+ Patients

are treated every month from the surrounding villages in Villupuram District, India.

Support Our Clinic

1800+ First Responders

from local villages have been trained to be the First Responders in case of emergency.

Support A Responder

250+ VHPs

Village Health Programs have been conducted in and around Villupuram District, India.

Provide Healthcare

70+ Homes

constructed for widows and poor families living in Villupuram District, India.

Provide Shelter

150+ Milk Cows

have been distributed to widows and the poor in Villupuram District, India.

Provide a Milk Cow

700+ Widows

have been benefited from Thalirgal Self Help Group in Villupuram District, India.

Support A Widow

900+ Orphan Children

have been benefited directly from our outreach program through various institutions in India.

Support Our Programs

30+ Institutions

Extremely deserving charitable, health and educational institutions are supported in India.

Support Our Programs

4500+ Families

were provided with dry ration and livelihood during COVID-19 pandemic in India.

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