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Dear Friend, 

As an executive director of Dalit Solidarity, I am here with you in a time as India is literally gasping for breath. As I carry the pain and grief beyond any expression, I seek your prayers and solidarity to bring hope and  healing  to millions who are in total shock and trauma. As India was totally unprepared for this second wave of tsunami, corona has stunned everyone beyond human comprehension. Life has come to standstill and the very system that can keep us alive got crashed due to the overwhelming hospitalizations and deaths. I am breathless and short of words to describe the magnitude of destruction and devastation within a span of a few weeks. Perhaps, this disaster is the crisis of our recent memory India has ever witnessed.  

In a time like this, India is  under enormous stress and pressure, scrambling for answers as our resources and infrastructures are very limited. As we lack enough hospital beds, oxygen, viral drugs and human resources, the government is doing the best whatever they can. The world communities have come to our rescue with their huge generosity and manpower to curb the corona spike and save as many lives. While the richest flee from the country to escape, the affluent find some ways to manage, the poor and marginalized are at the dead end. United together, we will find light at the end of the tunnel. 

Thanks to the global community especially to the  US and European Union for their huge support during this time of crisis. The shipment of life saving drugs, equipment and human resources have brought much relief and comfort in midst of  despair, grief and loss. 

As the lock down is enforced to control further spread, many will be out of jobs and eventually will be deprived of their daily bread. Dalit Solidarity would like to play a vital role like last year in bringing some hope in providing food, medicine and PPE kits and to keep them alive. Please support our relief efforts through your generosity and compassion. All your donations are tax-deductible by the IRS. We can prevent further damage. Please be a ray of hope and be at the service of our fellow humans.   I pray that God will have mercy on us and bring healing from this catastrophe. 

 You can donate online or  make a check payable to Dalit Solidarity and mail to  Dalit Solidarity, P.O. Box 178995, San Diego, CA 92177.  Together we can succeed our humanity.  Please contact me if you need further assistance at or give us a call at 708-612-4248

Ben Chinnappan

Dalit Lives Matter! Make Your Impact

Our vision of an Indian society where everyone must enjoy equal rights and all must be treated with dignity and respect has led us to the creation of Dalit Solidarity. For almost two decades, we have been actively serving a population often forgotten and oppressed. They are Dalits, one sixth of the Indian population out of 1.3 billion. They are invisible and insignificant under the India’s hidden apartheid of discrimination.  While caste-based discrimination continues to grow and equality is just a dream, our continued work in the vital area of education, healthcare  and development have ignited peoples’ hope for a better future. Dalits have been the victims of social oppression, economic injustice and institutional violence for centuries. This is quite a long way but a good road map to succeed their empowerment and emancipation. 

More About Us

About Us

Dalit Solidarity, a non-profit charity was established as a 501(3)© Tax-Exempt organization with EIN 25-1865082 in 2000 in the US to promote equality and justice for Dalits who have been marginalised for centuries under caste oppression. We are incorporated as a charity in Pennsylvania and registered both in Illinois & California as charities. We are members both in San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and in BBB as an accredited charity. We have won a 2020 Top-Rated Award from @GreatNonprofits. We earned a GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency 2020. Dalit Solidarity has earned a/an 85/100 rating on Charity Navigator


Dalits have lost their rights to education, property ownership and protection. This led them to a life of abject poverty, absolute illiteracy and total powerlessness. They are treated less than human.
This is where we come to give them hope and create an awareness of their plight and rights. We have come up with some concrete measures to provide them with the tools they need to make better lives for themselves and their families. Today, many Dalits have access to affordable education, quality health care and opportunities for development.


Creating an awareness of one's plight and lobbying for fundamental rights is critical in the process of empowerment. Coordinating both national and international agencies through highlighting the injustice and oppression that the Dalits have been enduring for centuries. Although untouchability is banned, its practice is very active. Caste prejudice and radicalization is becoming stronger day by day as the fundamentalists have taken control of the situation. We are all the more obligated to work for for the empowerment of dalits who lack power and strength.

Everyone can help change the world

Care For
A Child

to improve lifestyle of underprivileged society

Making an Impact for Dalits

120,000+ Dalit Children

(65% girls from the marginalised communities) were directly and indirectly reached.

Educate A Child

9600+ Students

graduated from various schools and colleges benefited from our educational sponsorship program.

Sponsor A Child

65+ Villages

have children benefited from our education program in and around Villupuram District.

Donate Now

1500+ Patients

are treated every month from the surrounding villages in Villupuram District, India.

Support Our Clinic

1800+ First Responders

from local villages have been trained to be the First Responders in case of emergency.

Support A Responder

250+ VHPs

Village Health Programs have been conducted in and around Villupuram District, India.

Provide Healthcare

70+ Homes

constructed for widows and poor families living in Villupuram District, India.

Provide Shelter

150+ Milk Cows

have been distributed to widows and the poor in Villupuram District, India.

Provide a Milk Cow

700+ Widows

have been benefited from Thalirgal Self Help Group in Villupuram District, India.

Support A Widow

900+ Orphan Children

have been benefited directly from our outreach program through various institutions in India.

Support Our Programs

30+ Institutions

Extremely deserving charitable, health and educational institutions are supported in India.

Support Our Programs

4500+ Families

were provided with dry ration and livelihood during COVID-19 pandemic in India.

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