November 30, 2021! Gift of Hope!

We are fund raising to install a 100kWh energy harvesting, management and backup grid system, which will provide our school St. Patrick's with a high-level of energy independence, ensuring that the education of its students is not compromised by the region’s unreliable electric grid. Your gift to solar panel will enhance the quality of education to our children.

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St. Patrick’s Academy, located in the village of V. Salai in the Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu, currently enrolls about 755 students; approximately 80% of these students are members of the Dalit caste in India (also referred to, pejoratively, as “Untouchables”). St. Patrick’s Academy is currently a K-10 school. With the help of a $250,000 grant the school will soon expand to serve students in grades K-12, helping underprivileged senior students qualify for further school education.

The St. Patrick’s is very aware of the role of gender in Indian society and has made a conscious effort to include gender concerns in all its activities. Among the 755 students, 55% are female; of the 63 faculty members at St. Patrick’s Academy, 60% are women. Of the board members of St. Patrick’s Academy 45% are women.

Need of the Hour #ASolarPlant!

With bountiful sunshine throughout the year receiving 4.0 kWp of solar radiation per sq.meter with about 2100-2455 sunshine hours/year, St. Patrick’s Academy proposes to install a 100 kWh solar power plant. The expansion of the school to K-12 level will result in the intake of new students and a larger student population leading to increased academic activities including greater usage of the computer lab. Because of the larger student body and resulting increase in power usage, the school will have a greater demand for electricity, with an approximately ten percent consumption rise in annual usage. Students in Tamil Nadu, who face the constant challenge of coping with frequent “power fluctuation and shedding,” making the flow of an uninterrupted power supply to computer centers, research laboratories, and other campus facilities a rarity.

Give a Gift of Hope!

Help to ensure the education of our students is not compromised by the region’s unreliable electric grid by Gifting a Solar Plant.

Sustainability and #CapacityBuilding

The green roof and solar power project will provide rural school students with experiential learning in the areas of environmental science and technology, energy economics, meteorology, statistical study, physical, chemical and biological sciences. The school will use its science teachers and external experts to create fun and educative STEM programs around the afore mentioned areas of study and interest. This would help St. Patrick’s academy enhance the curricular goals of the project and create awareness among younger generation of students of the importance and possibility of developing sustainable models of living. The running of solar generator models in educational institutions supports the energy policies of both the local and national government, complying with national and state mandates on energy generation.

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Dalit Solidarity continues to support the communities with food-relief and hygiene products for children. With your support we can deliver happiness to children across the country, preventing them from suffering from malnutrition, and their families from hunger

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Your gift can cover an automatic hand washing kiosk for one village.

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