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Father Ben Chinnappan
President & Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Dalit Solidarity — a charity giving voice to the voiceless, established in 2000 to promote dignity, equality and justice for all Indians, regardless of one’s caste, race, gender and religion. Dalits (once called “Untouchables”) still remain marginalized, invisible and oppressed even after 73 years of India’s independence.  But there is a key way to break the cycle of poverty and untouchability – through education, health care and development. Dalit Solidarity has worked steadily to provide India’s Dalits with the tools they need to make better lives for themselves and their families. We are a lifeline to those living at the fringes of society, encouraging and developing them. Please join us today with Dalit Solidarity to make a difference!

Who We Are

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we gratefully remember all those who walked with us during these twenty years. We express our deep gratitude to every one who marched with us in our journey in  empowering the Dalits to live with dignity and respect in India. Without our friends and supporters, we could not have achieved so much in making great difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters who have been considered as impure and untouchables all their lives. Dalit Solidarity has touched many lives in this short period by turning their lives around.

More About Us

our programs

Dalit Solidarity has worked steadily to provide India’s Dalits with the tools they need to make better lives for themselves and their families. Thousands of Dalits now have access to quality health care. Hundreds of children are being given the opportunity to attend good schools, from elementary through graduate school. Several hundred Dalit widows are learning that they too can be productive members of Indian society, deserving of dignity and respect.

About Us

Dalit Solidarity, Inc. was established as a 501(3)© charitable and tax-exempt organization in 2000 to promote equality and justice for Dalits who have been marginalised and segregated for centuries under the shadow of Caste oppression in the sub-continent of India. Even today, at the dawn of twenty first century when India has become a super power, the pain of untouchability is strongly felt as ever before by more than three hundred million dalits. We have become the voice of the voiceless.

our mission

Dalit Solidarity is committed to the principles of justice and equality for all Indians, regardless of caste, race, gender or religion. This commitment is expressed by providing access to quality health care and education, by making economic opportunities available for India's poorest citizens, and by working to protect human rights.

Everyone can help change the world

Săve the children

to improve lifestyle of underprivileged society

20 Years Of Humanitarian Service

120,000+ Dalit Children

(65% girls from the marginalised communities) were directly and indirectly reached.

Educate A Child

1500+ Patients

are treated every month from the surrounding villages in Villupuram District, India.

Support Our Clinic

70+ Homes

constructed for widows and poor families living in Villupuram District, India.

Provide Shelter

900+ Orphan Children

have been benefited directly from our outreach program through various institutions in India.

Support Our Programs

9600+ Students

graduated from various schools and colleges benefited from our educational sponsorship program.

Sponsor A Child

1800+ First Responders

from local villages have been trained to be the First Responders in case of emergency.

Support A Responder

150+ Milk Cows

have been distributed to widows and the poor in Villupuram District, India.

Provide a Milk Cow

30+ Institutions

Extremely deserving charitable, health and educational institutions are supported in India.

Support Our Programs

65+ Villages

have children benefited from our education program in and around Villupuram District.

Donate Now

250+ VHPs

Village Health Programs have been conducted in and around Villupuram District, India.

Provide Healthcare

700+ Widows

have been benefited from Thalirgal Self Help Group in Villupuram District, India.

Support A Widow

4500+ Families

were provided with dry ration and livelihood during COVID-19 pandemic in India.

Donate to Covid Relief
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