Dalit Soidarity has always reached out to those living at the fringes of society, to encourage and help educate them.  As the second largest population on earth, India is home to one-third of all world poverty. Fighting issues like hunger, lack of clean water, disease, lack of education and lack of small business, Dalit  Solidarity is strengthening families in India and spreading empowerment. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of impoverished families all over the world. Your contribution makes a world of difference.  Your donation is vital for the continued success of our children. With your help, they will go on to be agents of change, pioneering new futures for themselves, their families and communities


This gift will provide a Dalit child with the opportunity to receive a quality education. These children will be the first members of their family to attend secondary school;the first who can read and write more than their own names. Your generous gift of $30 will provide room and board and tuition for a Dalit child for one month. You can also pay annually with $360 for a child. 

I would like to sponsor a boy or a girl at St. Patrick's School  Monthly ($30.00)     Annually  ($360.00) 


Sponsor a  Teacher
  $ 150.00 Per month

Sponsor an Adult for the Vocatoinal Training  $ 25.00 Per month, $ 300.00 Annually

This gift will  provide vocational training for qualified high school graduates. Programs in Automotive Mechanics  and Nurse Aid Training will help an an adult to learn the necessary knowledge and skills to be employed for a decent salary.
 or Annually ($300.00)


GIFT OF A COW $ 500.00 for a poor or widow
Change the world for an entire family with the gift of a dairy cow. Cows supply nutritious milk that provides protein and calcium to help children grow strong and healthy. This means great nutrition for children and surplus milk to sell at the market. Cow manure can be used to fertilize the soil for healthy crops. And best of all, one healthy cow can breed many calves in a lifetime. Rs. 30,000 ($ 500.00) will gift a cow, which will bring in a cycle of good returns and good health to a family in need.

Goats are valuable assets in rural communities. Goats yield protein- and calcium-rich milk, which means nutrition to children and income to their parents. Moreover, goats multiply easily and survive in harsh climates with minimal care. What.s more, they produce plenty of manure that fertilizes the soil. A perennial choice, both for children and their families! Rs. 15,000 ($ 250.00) will provide a family with a pair of goats and augment their income.

GIFT OF A PETTY SHOP, A Microfinance Loan of $ 500.00
Low wages and irregular employment cause many families to struggle for their livelihood. A petty shop can provide a family with a regular source of income all-round the year. You gift will give a new start for local entrepreneurs and help build the economy of the entire community. Rs. 20,000 ($ 500.00) will equip people to start a small business venture and earn a sustainable income.

The ability to sew means a dependable income for a young single mother or a poor village girl with few other prospects. But without her own sewing machine, it can be difficult to find work or earn a reasonable wage. Your gift of sewing machine will enable a woman to work from home, thereby helping her to earn a livelihood while taking care of her family. Rs. 12,500 ($ 200.00) will provide sewing machine to one woman in need.

SPONSOR A WIDOW: $ 30.00 Per Month, $ 360.00 Annually
India has more widows than any country in the world. Strict codes of dress, demeanor and diet are imposed for the remainder of their lives, often with dire consequences. It's believed widows bring bad luck, causing them to live their lives in isolation and poverty. Sprouts-Dalit Solidarity's widows' organization, was formed with the idea of improving the lives of Indian widows. It has provided them with their first opportunity to come together and create a positive identity for themselves. Your contribution can change the life of a Dalit widow and her family. You will help a widow to realize that she is a productive member of society, deserving dignity and respect. A $30 donation will fund the participation of a Dalit widow in Sprouts, our widow's empowerment program, for one year.



Sponsor a Nurse/Clinic  $ 50.00 Per month
Preventative Health: For most Dalits, quality health care is inaccessible and unaffordable. Doctors are seen only in emergencies. Dalit Solidarity is working to bring preventative health care to rural India through the use of a new computerized system of diagnosis and treatment recommendations. With your help, Dalit parents and their children can take advantage of preventative health care. Children will experience their first "well child" check-ups. A gift of $50 will cover the enrollment costs for a family of 5 for one year.

Children in rural areas do not have access to even basic health care. A gift of health camps will ensure that children undergo basic health check-up and are treated for small illnesses. They are also provided support if they need further medical assistance. Your gift of health camp will provide much-needed medical attention to children living far away from medical facilities and hospitals. Rs. 5000 ($ 100.00) will provide health check-up for 50 children.

MOTHER AND CHILD CARE, $ 15.00 Per month
Many mothers in India give birth to malnourished babies. The mothers too are not healthy enough to provide for their undernourished children. Your gift provides things like high-protein fortified foods and supplements to help restore the health of a malnourished child and mother. Rs. 10,000 ($ 200.00) will provide mother and child care kit to one family in need.

RESTORE THE VISION, for a cataract surgery,  $ 300.00 
Over 7 million people in India suffer from cataracts, which a simple surgery can resolve. In the poorer parts of India, people are unaware as to why their vision is diminishing. Many of the affected are the sole breadwinners for their families and their reduced vision leaves them with little or no income. Please consider helping with financial support to remove cataracts for those who cannot pay $300.00.

Medical checkups for a Dalit family ($100)
With your help, Dalit parents and their children can take advantage of preventative health care. Children will experience their first "well child" check-ups. A gift of $ 100 will cover the enrollment costs for a family of 5 for one year.


 Gift of a House,  Change a hut into home,  $ 3000.00  ( You can also pay on installment)

 My Special Gift for Dalit Solidarity Programs in honor/memore of ___________          Any Amount  $ ______

When a widow moves from a hut into a home she gets not just a better house, but much needed dignity and respect. Most widows do not own their own homes and must rely on family members to provide them with living space. Accommodations are frequently inadequate. 




 Your gift to our Where Most Needed fund will enable a quick response to the most pressing needs and help the least of these in India. It could be used to provide disaster relief, clean water, medicine, education and other critical services for children and families living in poverty. Your generous gift helps to continue the important work of bringing hope, justice, and the compassion of Christ to poor and marginalized people in India.