donate1Everyone can help change the world, one step at a time. Whether it is one volunteer hour or one dollar, you can make a difference with our projects.  No matter how much —or how little— you have to give, you can make a difference.  Your generous support can empower thousands of Dalits by giving them the tools they need to create a better life for themselves and their families. Spread the word! Help us expand our global network of individuals committed to ending caste discrimination and untouchability.

We advocate tirelessly on behalf of India’s Dalits, addressing the issues of caste and untouchability, and standing strong for one of the world’s most oppressed populations. We conduct educational, social and economical programs that empower them to gain their digntiy and status. Your contribution can help us to keep our programs alive and active. All donations to Dalit Solidarity are tax-deductible.  96% of Dalit Solidarity's income is spent on programs and services to provide effective advocacy, quality health care, education, housing and economic development for India's poor. We carefully guard your support and the hopes of friends by strict financial stewardship, transparency and accountability. 

Donate Now

You can also donate specifically for a project that can help Dalits towards their empowerment. You can do this donation in honor or in memory of your loved ones.

Donate a goat ($150)

A set of goats can generate a simple income to run a family. When goats get multiplied, there is an increas of an income.

Donate a cow ($500)

A single dairy cow can provide a Sprouts widow and her children with a 400% increase in their family income.  This program will enable our widows to substantially increase their families' standard of living. They will be able to afford better food, necessary health care, and needed home improvements. The dream of providing their children with an education can become a reality

Medical checkups for a Dalit family ($100)

With your help, Dalit parents and their children can take advantage of preventative health care. Children will experience their first "well child" check-ups. A gift of $ 100 will cover the enrollment costs for a family of 5 for one year.

Help build a home for a Dalit widow ($2000)

When a widow moves from a hut into a home she gets not just a better house, but much needed dignity and respect.  Dalit Solidarity has constructed approximately 30 homes for widows living in the Villuruam Dt. over the course of the past two years. Most widows do not own their own homes and must rely on family members to provide them with living space. Accommodations are frequently inadequate.

Educate a Child ($30 Monthly or $ 360 Yearly)

This gift will provide a Dalit child with the opportunity to receive a quality education. These children will be the first members of their family to attend secondary school;the first who can read and write more than their own names. Your generous gift of $30 will provide room and board and tuition for a Dalit child for one month. You can also pay annually with $360 for a child.

I would like to sponsor a boy or a girl at St. Patrick's School 
Monthly ($30.00)                Annually  ($360.00)   

Help an adult to get a job training ($ 200)

This gift will  provide vocational training for qualified high school graduates. Programs in Automotive Mechanics  and Nurse Aid Training will help an an adult to learn the necessary knowledge and skills to be employed for a decent salary.

      Donate by Mail

To give by mail, please send your check to: Dalit Solidarity, P.O. Box 112, Hines, IL 60141. USA
Dalit Solidarity, Inc. is a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax-deductible.
Call us at  708-612-4248 if you need any assistance. You can also contact us through E-mail: